The Video shown above is an example of a "True  National  Academic  Crisis" that Confronts America's Youth Now.

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The National Stay In School Campaign  is a "Social Network & Media Driven Cause Marketing Campaign" comprised of a dedicated group of National Educators, Concerned Parents and Conscious Souls who all believe we have several strategies and positive solutions designed to help curb the "National Youth Drop Out Problem". We've set out to "Partner With the United States" on behalf of helping to "Rescue, Focus and Secure or Academically Challenged Youth of All Cultures". We respectfully invite you to Join Our new National Stay In School Campaign, Social Network & Youth Advocacy Movement and share your ideas, tell us your story and help us to engage and inspire America's youth with "Alternative Plans to Motivate Our Youth to Graduate". Together we can all be positive catalysts for change as we work to resolve the "National Drop Out Crisis", "Help Decrease US Drop Out Rates" and "Increase Graduation Rates!" If you would like to make a donation to our Scholarship Drive, donate HERE or donate to our Full Campaign Start-up HERE. Thanks for Your Support!

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